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Creative food: alternative to pumpkin carving

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Found this while browsing through Picasa web albums. Why this of all pictures? Well, I haven’t have any food since lunch except for an Apple bran muffin three hours ago and I’m hoping looking at delicious pictures of food would fill my imaginary stomach.
Mind over body.
It’s not working.
I decided to share this picture because it’s a great Halloween decoration item: place one in everyone’s dining plate, use it for apple bobbing and many more uses. It’s not big so you don’t have to buy a big expensive pumpkin and be left with pumpkin you don’t know what to do with or pumpkin you don’t even like. Also, this is small and you can afford to buy in big quantity so this can be a great party activity. Or you could practice your carving skills.

Whomever posted this, thank you for sharing and if this is your work of art, you are very talented. I love the touch of fake blood and thumb, they make a great impact.


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