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What book are you reading now?

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I ran across a wonderful website several years ago when I used to read for pleasure. If you’ve ever had problems finding a good book to curl up with then you will want to check this out.

What Should I Read Next

It’s exactly as the web name says, you type in a title or author or ISBN number and the website will generate a list of books you might like. It also provides a direct like to UK or USA amazon if you want to go ahead and purchase the book or find out more information and reviews on the book. Pretty neat, huh?

Next, another great website I stumbled upon recently is Good Reads, which has a link to buy the book, reviews from users, list of similar genre, books by the same author and probably dozens of helpful features I have yet to discover!

So please, enjoy and read on~



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  1. Great comment and by the way I just finished reading Michael Byrnes’ The Genesis Plague last night. Thrilling from start to end really and I totally recommend it.


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