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Great Fashion finds

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Ever had the feeling that you’ve just missed your new favorite dress? Quite tragic 😦
I had been eying Peekabbo Shift Dress at and had decided to buy it when they had only just one left in my size. Here comes the but… but I couldn’t purchase it because I had left my bank card at my Dad’s place. And the next day, despite keeping fingers crossed that my next favorite dress would still be there, was out of stock.

The Vero Moda Pleat Front Shift Dress is one of the dresses I ended up buying when I got my bank card back from the mail. The blue looked much better in the product photos but only the “mustard” was available in my size so I ended up getting that. Let’s see how it looks in real life once it arrives in the mail.

Now, this is the puffer vest I’ve been waiting for over a year. Ever since senior year of high school when I committed to wear more warm color clothes, I’ve been looking for a red puffer vest. However, the color this year was “cherry red” which turned out to be more maroon or dark red instead of the bright red I had envisioned.



Tinted Moisturizer

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I’ve been thinking about getting tinted moisturizer since I don’t like the idea of heavy liquid foundation, and mineral power just doesn’t work to cover the acne scars. And out of my college gal student budget, I’ve considered CoverGirl Smoothers or Kiss My Face tinted moisturizer. The reviews online for both products were good, under $10 and work on combination and oily skin. Differences are that Kiss My Face has less SPF( which could mean that it would be less oily) and CoverGirl has more staying power. 

I’ll get to deciding which product (or maybe both) to try out and I’ll keep you updated!

Picture by ~Linnie~