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Resolution for New Semester 2011

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Ever since I started college, I’ve been just out of motivation to study or do well. Lately, all I’ve been doing is watching drama online, working on other projects and designs rather than my school work. Some part had to do with the fact that it takes me more than the average to get used to a new routine. It’s almost been a month since school started and I’ve been skipping my physiology and chemistry classes, I don’t have my folders organized, haven’t even opened any of my textbooks.

And so, this is my public declaration, that by this time next week, I’ll work to have some resemblance of order and discipline in my school life.

School or college isn’t like how you see on TV. It’s this (especially the pictures on the right):

instead of this:


First Day of School 2011

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First day of second semester of sophomore year in 2011 has just ended for me; new instructors, new courses. But out of my four classes, two of them use the same lecture rooms as I had last semester so I feel like the bad karma from those two courses would follow me.

I left my wallet, which has my student ID that I use to ride the bus, and bank card, up in Tally so now I’m left begging my brother for bus money or to get a ride with him and for lunch money. Feels like grade school all over again.

It’s been a slow and dreary start to the day with cloudy and rainy skies in the lovely Sunshine State. My schedule needs a serious renovation as I have two labs overlapping at the same time. And I need to figure out what textbooks I need and where to get everything.

All of which I will sort out, just as soon as I get a nap.


Invitation to the Life of a College Gal

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My ambition was to share my college life as truthful, accurate and detailed but unspecific enough to remain mysterious, faceless and anonymous. And I hope that those of you who aren’t in college yet, will benefit from my experiences and go on to live a wonderful college life. Those who are in college could relate to these experiences and know that you’re not alone in going through this college life, the struggle, long-hours, procrastination, stress and occasional fun it brings. Even if you’ve already chosen a career path and if you’re not a female either, I still hope that you find this blog enjoyable. Most of all, I wish for every reader to find some entertainment and that my experiences would bring joy and laughter into your life.

Life isn’t always beautiful and the truth is sometimes ugly so there will be times when I write about the obstacles and worries. And I know that my experiences will be different from others however, I still hope that everyone who reads this blog leave with a new perspective, enlightened and positive outlook.

I promise not to make this a rant blog or try hard not to come off as immature or naive.
And so, I invite you to my journey. Along the way, please leave a comment and share your experiences, ask me questions.