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How Raising Hope Nikita in The Middle…What?

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What does the title of this post mean? It’s simply the combination of my current favorite shows. I’ve been following Raising Hope since it started airing last year. It’s a comedy show about a family of a senile but comical great-grandma, working parents, their son and how they’re raising Hope, whose the daughter of the son and a serial killer. It’s a feel-good show about what you do for your family and what it means to be a family as the son’s trying his best to be a better parent then his parent were to him.

I discovered How I Met Your Mother late last year and have been loving it since. My favorite character would be Barney because he’s a little crazy and to be honest, I would say he’s the character that glues show together. It’s been going on for several season and I’m very curious to know how the mother is.

I saw the preview and commercial for Nikita before it started but didn’t watch it when it premired. However, I’ve discovered a wonderful little site called and there my eyes were opened to a whole world of TV shows. It’s not the most trilling show like you would expect Mission Impossible or The Bourne Identity, but it’s a great action show without the gross violence. I love how beautiful and Nikita is and how she can take on half a dozen guys all on her own; still, I wish she would start blowing things up in the Division.

Last but not least, I love The Middle. The parents have great chemistry and the kids are very realistic like typical teenagers and a refreshment from 20s teenagers from Gossip Girls (not that I’m hatin’ on that show).

Either or are usually up to date for online streaming. Enjoy!~


My latest obsession: k-drama

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My sister is obsessed with Asian dramas and she watches them all the time. I’ve dabbled in a few and even though I don’t love the genre, I can see how they can be addicting.
Currently, I’m addicted to Playful Kiss (Mischevious Kiss) after telling myself I wouldn’t get addicted. I love the mom so much! And the 3rd kiss was so beyond hot…please excuse my fangirl moment.

It all started when I saw Boys Before Flower was available on, saw the first episode and thought the heroine was pretty interesting and I loved love triangle.

Favorite scene has to be where the heroine kicked the F4 leader; played it over multiple times. But it got too predictable so I skipped to the last episode. I was impressed with Kim Hyun Joong’s not to say he’s the best actor ever but just that he did better than I thought he would and I loved his character.

Then I saw that Playful Kiss was also on Hulu so I watched every availabe episodes. But then I went to sites my sister would go to watch Asian dramas hoping they would have more recent episodes. That’s when I stumbled upon Mysoju which has fantastic collection of dramas. Then I went to find even more recent episodes and came across Viikii:playful kiss and EPdrama: Playful Kiss.

Now I keep checking every Wednesday and Thursday for updates. I’m disappointed that there’s no ep. 15 preview. I’m also excited yet sad that the last two episodes are airing next week! Can’t wait.

Oh, can’t say I have much experience seeing Asian drama kisses but Playful Kiss episode 14 kiss has to be in the top 10! That was a real kiss, not those awkward obvious kisses. So unexpectedly hot my jaw literally dropped and I had to play over like half a dozen times.

So what are you favorite Asian dramas?