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Invitation to the Life of a College Gal

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My ambition was to share my college life as truthful, accurate and detailed but unspecific enough to remain mysterious, faceless and anonymous. And I hope that those of you who aren’t in college yet, will benefit from my experiences and go on to live a wonderful college life. Those who are in college could relate to these experiences and know that you’re not alone in going through this college life, the struggle, long-hours, procrastination, stress and occasional fun it brings. Even if you’ve already chosen a career path and if you’re not a female either, I still hope that you find this blog enjoyable. Most of all, I wish for every reader to find some entertainment and that my experiences would bring joy and laughter into your life.

Life isn’t always beautiful and the truth is sometimes ugly so there will be times when I write about the obstacles and worries. And I know that my experiences will be different from others however, I still hope that everyone who reads this blog leave with a new perspective, enlightened and positive outlook.

I promise not to make this a rant blog or try hard not to come off as immature or naive.
And so, I invite you to my journey. Along the way, please leave a comment and share your experiences, ask me questions.

Creative food: alternative to pumpkin carving

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Found this while browsing through Picasa web albums. Why this of all pictures? Well, I haven’t have any food since lunch except for an Apple bran muffin three hours ago and I’m hoping looking at delicious pictures of food would fill my imaginary stomach.
Mind over body.
It’s not working.
I decided to share this picture because it’s a great Halloween decoration item: place one in everyone’s dining plate, use it for apple bobbing and many more uses. It’s not big so you don’t have to buy a big expensive pumpkin and be left with pumpkin you don’t know what to do with or pumpkin you don’t even like. Also, this is small and you can afford to buy in big quantity so this can be a great party activity. Or you could practice your carving skills.

Whomever posted this, thank you for sharing and if this is your work of art, you are very talented. I love the touch of fake blood and thumb, they make a great impact.

My latest obsession: k-drama

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My sister is obsessed with Asian dramas and she watches them all the time. I’ve dabbled in a few and even though I don’t love the genre, I can see how they can be addicting.
Currently, I’m addicted to Playful Kiss (Mischevious Kiss) after telling myself I wouldn’t get addicted. I love the mom so much! And the 3rd kiss was so beyond hot…please excuse my fangirl moment.

It all started when I saw Boys Before Flower was available on, saw the first episode and thought the heroine was pretty interesting and I loved love triangle.

Favorite scene has to be where the heroine kicked the F4 leader; played it over multiple times. But it got too predictable so I skipped to the last episode. I was impressed with Kim Hyun Joong’s not to say he’s the best actor ever but just that he did better than I thought he would and I loved his character.

Then I saw that Playful Kiss was also on Hulu so I watched every availabe episodes. But then I went to sites my sister would go to watch Asian dramas hoping they would have more recent episodes. That’s when I stumbled upon Mysoju which has fantastic collection of dramas. Then I went to find even more recent episodes and came across Viikii:playful kiss and EPdrama: Playful Kiss.

Now I keep checking every Wednesday and Thursday for updates. I’m disappointed that there’s no ep. 15 preview. I’m also excited yet sad that the last two episodes are airing next week! Can’t wait.

Oh, can’t say I have much experience seeing Asian drama kisses but Playful Kiss episode 14 kiss has to be in the top 10! That was a real kiss, not those awkward obvious kisses. So unexpectedly hot my jaw literally dropped and I had to play over like half a dozen times.

So what are you favorite Asian dramas?

Tinted Moisturizer

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I’ve been thinking about getting tinted moisturizer since I don’t like the idea of heavy liquid foundation, and mineral power just doesn’t work to cover the acne scars. And out of my college gal student budget, I’ve considered CoverGirl Smoothers or Kiss My Face tinted moisturizer. The reviews online for both products were good, under $10 and work on combination and oily skin. Differences are that Kiss My Face has less SPF( which could mean that it would be less oily) and CoverGirl has more staying power. 

I’ll get to deciding which product (or maybe both) to try out and I’ll keep you updated!

Picture by ~Linnie~