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Best Youtube Food Channels part 1

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There are few things I love in this world, two that include food and YouTube. What do you get when you mix and toss them together? An endless recipe collection from all over the world right at your fingertips. Below are links of chefs and other food junkies I enjoy learning from.

aeriskitchen shows you Korean cooking. Her instructions are always simple and easy to follow, she has great presentation of the food. Aeris really cares about her viewers and takes the time to reply when you comment or ask a question. I love her Korean Styled Twisted Donuts and so did everyone else who has tried my replication of the recipe. You won’t regret, promise.

foodwishes with Chef John is a treasure in YouTube. I can’t begin to describe how wonderful his recipes are. They’re so simple and he’s just the type to not do extra non-essential steps. Chef John has videos not only on recipes but also tips in cooking and has a few published cookbooks with picture of each dish; that way you’re not left wondering if you made the dish right. He’s got a blog where he posts the complete recipe, direction and introduction to the dish. Some of my favorites: pumpkin pancakes, garlic spaghetti, his book

cookingwithdog focuses on Japanese food and features a cute little dog that “narrates”. I love watching all the new videos and my favorite one is Christmas Cake which I made for my little cousin’s birthday. Everyone loved it so much I ended up making the Christmas Cake for 2010 Christmas. All the heavy cream and egg white whipping may seem like a pain (especially if you do it by hand. Trust me, I know), but it’s all worth it in the end when you bite into the light and versatile cake.

DairyFarmersofCanada has a few great recipes and you guessed it, the recipes use plenty milk. If you’re lactose intolerant, it’s a sad story if you’re not, this is a great way to get your daily source of dairy.

More coming soon…