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Best Youtube Hair Style Tutorials part 1

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Most women would say make-up gives them the most confident and a huge percent would never leave without make-up. As for me, more than anything, when I do my hair especially nice, that’s my confidence boost. I’ve always loved dressing up my hair ever since I’ve been younger and learned to braid it since younger middle school. So it surprises me when people high school or college years still don’t know how to braid much less, their own.
Anyways, here are some fabulous Youtube Hair Style tutorial gurus!

BerlinHairBaby is one of the best I’ve found in YouTube.I only wish I had found her when I had my long hair. Most of her hairstyles involve celebrity inspirations and braids; but all the styles are completely easy to make but look gorgeous. She’s got straight, curls, wave, half-dos, up-dos and a whole lot of other styles.

Greek Goddess Updo

Side French Braid (update on classic)

French Braids & Messy Bohemian Bun

Lauren Conrad Side Bun Chignon

Binosusuem is a true gem with hair styling. I can’t stress enough how much I love her hair styles. They’re perfect for office work, parties, church or dates. Just watch the videos below for my favorites.

French Braid Updo

Classic Bob Updo

Fake Bob with long hair

Faux Mohawk with Curls

Dutch Braid Headband with Hair Corsage

Party Hair Updo

Ribbon-Shape Up-do like Lady Gaga